Horseback Riding

Rent a horse for P75 per 15 minutes and have the chance to ride it in a certain stretch of the property. There will be a guide who will steer the horse along with a rope as you stroll then towards the other half of the route.


Our resort has what we call catch-and-cook ponds. Here you can rent fishing rods at P100 with the bait, clumped with flour and you’ll be able to catch bangus and/or tilapia and have the option to either have them cooked in the restaurant or take them home with you at a very affordable rate.


For some exhilarating feel and head rush, Papa Kit’s houses the second wake park in Cebu. You’d get to spin to another extreme adventure for only P500/hour on a weekend rate and P400/ hour during weekdays.

Aqua Sports

Boating is also among the well favored activities in the property with rental ranging from P200 for an hour of a paddle or a canoe, P400 for 30 minutes of the piti and P1,200 for the duck pan boat which can accommodate up to 12 persons for 30 minutes.


If you really love adventure beneath the sun and experience like flying then try the 800-meter zipline which is the main attraction in our resort. There’s the regular kind of zipline for P200 and the Superman type for P400. Experience an aerial view of Silot bay and the vast mangrove sanctuary while crossing towards Chattis Island.

Jungle Obstacle

For only P150 you will be able to ride the rope course which is the Jungle Obstacle. It includes the hanging bridge which costs P50 alone. You’ll have to get the mountaineer harness which needs to be attached to the ropes with a clip. Along the course you will need to take a hanging bridge, Tarzan swing, wire walking and tsunami walking and another hanging bridge.

Wall Climbing

A 40-feet climbing wall is also situated at the at the zipline area. It is designed to make you feel as if you were climbing on a mountain, wind blowing by as you climb with one of a kind view of the adventure area of our resort.

Hanging Bridge